Information about the Lienz district hospital

Important telephone numbers

  • Emergency doctor, Rescue services 144
  • Fire service 122
  • Police 133
  • Mountain rescue 140
  • Water rescue 144
  • Poisons Centre 0043 1 406 43 43
  • Lienz hospital 0043 4852 606 0


Lienz district hospital

Lienz district hospital (BKH Lienz) provides care for the population of East Tirol and parts of Upper Carinthia, along with guests staying in this attractive tourism region. All 33 East Tirol authorities are responsible bodies for BKH Lienz. Due to its geographical location, the district hospital has an extensive selection of medical, care and therapeutic services, with an almost 100 percent self-sufficiency rate.


The following departments are available:


  • Internal medicine, including the following specialist facilities:
    • Dialysis station
    • Cardiac catheter
    • Laboratory
    • Palliative care ward
    • Acute geriatrics / Remobilisation ward
    • Intensive care ward
  • Neurology, including
    • Stroke Unit (Intensive care ward for stroke patients)
    • Rehabilitation beds
  • Psychiatry and Psychotherapeutic Medicine
  • Casualty ward and Orthopaedics General surgery
  • Gynaecology and Obstetrics including
    • Breast Health Centre
  • Paediatrics including an
    • Intermediate Care Unit
  • Ear Nose and Throat Unit
  • Urology
  • Anaesthesia and Intensive care
  • Radiology
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Physical Therapy


Calculating the cost of your treatment/your stay European Health Card (EKVK/EHIC) or the E 111

Please present your European Health Card or your E 111 form so we can settle the costs of your treatment/your stay directly with your health insurance provider. We would point out that in Austria there is a statutory deductible excess for an in-patient stay to be paid by patients. At the moment, this daily amount is 12.48 (as at: 2020) and is to be paid by you in person.


International billing (non-EU)

If you are not an EU citizen, any costs that are incurred will be invoiced directly to you.


Special class / Supplementary insurance

If you have additional private insurance cover, please present your insurance card and a form of ID. We will then, with approval in writing from you, contact your insurer directly to settle the cover of costs for your stay and your treatment. When your insurer confirms that they will cover the costs, the bill will be settled directly with your insurer. If they will not settle the costs, you can of course avail of our extensive special class services at your own expense.

We would however like to clarify that in Austria choosing a special class double or single room is not possible, without the full treatment/full stay being charged at a special class rate.


Should you have any questions please contact:

Bezirkskrankenhaus Lienz - Patientenservice
Emanuel-von-Hibler-Str. 5

9900 Lienz

Tel.: 0043 4852 606 608 oder 0043 4852 606 411
Fax: 0043 4852 606 609

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.